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the stimuleye presents

la main dans le sac

caught red-handed

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"The film was shot in caviar and seafood restaurant Prunier, by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Designed in 1925, and owned by Pierre Bergé since 2000, the restaurant is an Art Déco jewel, featuring the work of the best artists of the time, such as I.M. Cassandre, but also of modern artists like Bob Wilson, whose installation sits at the bar.

There you can treat yourself to "all that comes from the sea", including delicacies such as the "Christian Dior" oeuf en gelée with Tradition caviar...

Jamin Puech have a strong visual universe which they build around each bag collection, through the seasonal changing design of their stores.

To help us translate that universe into film, we drew inspiration from the opening scenes of Hitchcock's "Marnie" — we never see the face of Tippi Hedren, we just see her do questionable things with different bags, purses and luggages...

So together with Michaela Dosamantes we built graphic and cinematic scenes around each bag, building up to the moment she gets caught. The title is a French expression meaning "the hand in the bag" which means that you've been caught in the act. It was too perfect a title.

Though we loved the Hitchcock soundtracks, we wanted something contemporary and original for the sound, so we asked our past collaborators Lori Schonberg and his colleague Shane Aspegren of The Berg Sans Nipple to write something for us.

Their second album, Build With Erosion, was just release in Europe, and on June 12th they will be playing a special creation at Musée du Quai Branly made from the sound archives of the museum."

- Antoine Asseraf

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